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We consider ourselves the most honest SEO company in Grand Rapids, MI.

We’ve studied our own competitors and found some interesting data. When you google search “Grand Rapids SEO” you’ll most likely see our competitors ranking.

Why would I tell you that? The truth is, a lot of SEO companies use “grey” or “black hat seo” strategies. These are things like, paying for a large amount of shady PBN backlinks, posting links in blog comments, hidden html link text, and sneaky redirects. While this CAN get you fast rankings, it’s literally the worst thing you can do for your business. Here’s why.

Google’s algorithm gets smarter every year. They want to continue dominating competing search engines by displaying the best content to their visitors. When Google finds out a company is manipulating search rankings by using spam tactics they WILL penalize your site, it’s simply a matter of time.

Here’s an example of a Grand Rapids SEO Agency using spam tactics to manipulate rankings.


grey hat seo3

Our goal isn’t to discredit another SEO agency (that’s why we didn’t mention social media), but rather, to show you the kind of tactics you want to avoid when it comes to SEO.

What you are seeing above is an SEO company in Grand Rapids that is likely paying money to have their website linked out to hundreds of personal blog networks (PBN’s). You can tell by the title of the webpages that are linking out to them. “My cool blog”, “My smart blog”, My best blog”, My interesting blog” etc.

Obviously, these are fake websites linking to them and their site will eventually be penalized by Google… making their rankings temporary.

What should you do instead? And How to Avoid Google Penalties.

Rather than buying spam links from shady websites and PBNs like the company above, you need to practice legitimate outreach with real businesses, while building a mutually beneficial relationship. You can do this buy creating content that benefits your readers, educates them, and helps them distinguish you as a leader in your industry. When you create content that is actually beneficial to your readers it’s more likely to get shared, your more likely to be trusted, and more likely to dominate the Google rankings with long term effectiveness.

Do you want to rank your website in Google?

Here’s one of our clients that rank number one in Google search for multiple competitive keywords. We were able to achieve these rankings in as little as 2 months through legitimate blogger outreach, creating good content and writing content in a way that Google can actually read. Remember, it’s a computer that is reading the content, not an actual person. The computer has to interpret the information as well as the people visiting your website

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How To Actually Rank In Search Engines?

Any digital marketing agency, Search Engine Optimization (SEO Agency) or full service marketing agencies that are working to improve your web SEO must do the following in order to help rank your website or page.

  1. Determine if you need Local SEO or regular SEO. – Local SEO is the process of ranking a local business in Google maps, which is typically the second spot in search rankings under paid advertising. Regular SEO is the process of ranking a particular keyword in the organic search results.
  2. Run an Audit on your website – This audit should find any technical SEO errors, web design problems, SEO keywords that you currently rank for, your competitors keyword focus and give you a basic strategy for proper management with your content marketing strategy moving forward.
  3. Fix technical SEO Errors – The first order of business is typically fixing technical errors after an audit. This includes improving page speed, removing any web design discrepancies such as a non-responsive website, fixing redirects, an analyzing existing services or content to make sure they are valuable for your website to help ensure results.
  4. Create Content – Any SEO strategy will be incomplete without a consistent and effective content strategy. Your content must satisfy search intent for the keywords that are related to your services. Depending on your website’s domain authority, the goal here is to stick with keywords with the least amount of competition at first while writing topically relevant content around that content. Writing content that is actually valuable to your readers is the best approach and most likely to rank well in search results because good content keeps readers engaged and that’s a key metric for search engines. Try to offer free value, and always put a link to your main service pages in your posts! This will pass some of that page authority to your other pages too once your pages start getting people linking out to them. Good content is the best way to grow traffic and leads on the web.
  5. Promote your content – Now that you have good content that your readers will enjoy you can start to promote your content online. The best thing to do is promote all your top posts across your various social media channels including email if you have a list. If you have a solid following that is great because social signals are a great way to help grow your content to the top. Some times, with higher competition keywords promoting your content to social media just isn’t enough. While rankings can take a while, if you notice your page isn’t moving forward in the ranks you may want to consider blogger outreach. This is when you reach out to other blogger or influencers online and ask them to link you to your site. There are many strategies to this but the best way to get links from a stranger is to build an actual business relationship with the people you reach out to. Not only is this a natural way of building links, you’ll set yourself up in the long term for consistent links in the future. Just be genuine, help where you can and use your advantages as a strength. A lot of times, if you just write really good content people will be willing to link to you naturally or because your content is valuable to their readers as well.
  6. SEO can take 2-6 months to start seeing results depending on your website and the competition. If you want to get quicker results you may also consider adding pay per click advertising on google, Facebook or both to really help drive traffic to your website quickly. Pay per click through AdWords is like instant SEO. Essentially it allows you to instantly rank number one for any keyword. For example, a plumber might target “plumber grand rapids Michigan”. Anytime someone searches this phrase your ad shows up.
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That’s Why We Consider Ourselves To Be The Most Honest Grand Rapids MI SEO.

Make sure you choose a Grand Rapids SEO company that provides quality results! Larger cities in Michigan such as Grand Rapids tend to have more competition when it comes to SEO. That means you should choose a Grand Rapids SEO company that has proven results. Choose Cyan Wave as your preferred SEO expert, we would love to improve your search engine optimization, rankings, and return on investment (ROI).

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